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Access anytime, anywhere & any device. Focus on education without worrying about technology.

Feel at school while using our platform. Branding & customization to suit your school theme. Makes a big difference.

Provides tools that help increase student retention, increase in-class & off campus engagement.

Keeps your data secured and your sensitive information encrypted. With the auto backup your data is safe.

Engage students, make teaching & learning fun with EzSLATE – designed for K-12 & higher education in India.

Virtual Classroom offers you and your learners a unique experience thru its ease of use & its multiple interaction features.

EzSlate makes the world’s Best eLearning Software

Of all the countless eLearning solutions available in the market, how would you choose the best eLearning software that fits exactly your eLearning needs?
It’s simple! When you’re going to buy an LMS consider these 4 points – Utility, Price, Maintenance and Mobile Compatibility.

If your chosen eLearning software checks these 4 features, give it a chance. In EzSlate LMS you can get those features and much more!
You’ll get the best value for your money, combined with an easy to use, feature-rich and multi-device friendly platform.

EzSlate LMS – Main Modules

Course Builder

User Management

Content Sharing & Delivery

Live Virtual Classroom


Homework & Assignments

Blended Learning – New Mantra

Rightly said technology can give students a voice that enables them to learn more and grow more while they attend their classroom lectures. Many parents, teachers have debated over technology as a bane to a child’s education as it causes distraction, however, a right balance of technology and traditional learning (Blended Learning) can revolutionize the education system. As technology is advancing, teachers can use learning management systems to make students’ learning experience much more fun. Through cloud-based systems, teachers can drive student engagement through activities like assignments, quizzes, chat, online classes and group discussions. It is important to provide students a platform to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. No doubt, technology has eased this process. Technology has enabled students to fuel their imagination and creativity through a number of tools, giving voice to their thoughts.

EzSlate LMS – The Best Elearning Software

Once you purchase EzSlate LMS, one of the best elearning software in the industry, you’d save a lot of money on delivering ongoing online training, compared to booking trainers for face-to-face/classroom training. Implementing a cloud LMS is generally cheaper!

The measurement of LMS ROI needs both, quantitative and qualitative measurements (specific needs, processes, objectives & indicators). Getting an LMS you can improve appraisal processes, get better skills management and granular reporting capabilities… the opportunities are endless!

LMS Integrations For Better eLearning

The integrations with EzSLATE are very significant and primary aspect to define the long term success of implementing an Learning Management System. Our LMS integrates seamlessly with most of the major software and applications through Single Sign On (SSO). Some of them are School ERP software, Webex, Zoom, Jitsi, Google meet, Sharepoint, among others. You let us know your digital infra & our integration experts will do the rest.

Course Planning & Class Delivery

EzSLATE allows you to create interactive virtual classrooms with template courses across classes and years. Evolve content for relevance, quality and consistency. Educators may manage curriculum by planning and mapping assessments, tasks, and content to your curriculum and to build a hub of resources and activities (content) for all stakeholders to access.

You can build Courses for use across subjects, years, levels, or cohorts and Centralise curriculum resources and assessments for easy delivery to classes. Also, utilise courses to support interdisciplinary approaches to learning.

To plan & design units / lessons by embedding and uploading content to engage and support student learning. Set assessment dates and arrange student workload with the holistic Assessment Calendar. Also notify parents of upcoming due tasks.

Pre-Curated Content from

The Central Board of Secondary Education

The National Council of Educational Research and Training

Government of Karnataka

Government of Tamil Nadu

Government of Maharashtra

Government of Rajasthan

Government of Gujrat


Cloud Architecture & Customisations

EzSLATE is a cloud based platform – Access anytime, anywhere & with any device. We want you to focus on education without worrying about technology.

Designed for blended learning – Give your students the best of classroom & e-learning. Engage with students like never before.

Branding & Customization – Feel at school while using our platform with branding & customization to suit your school theme. It can make a big difference.

Mobile Compatible LMS

In the digital learning environment, teachers and students benefit from instantaneous information, ease of access, peer-to-peer collaboration, learner interaction, sharing resources, and assessment differentiation. With learning management system software, educators will be equipped with the tools to track learner progress and facilitate learning for students at their individual pace.Having an online learning system means your students will be able to access relevant study materials whenever they want. If a student prefers studying after school, they can get their homework completed then, or maybe they’re a morning person—easy—they can login in the early hours. And in an era where smartphones have become a part of the social ecosystem, LMS Apps also allow for mobile learning.

EzSLATE - Mobile Version Screens

Gamification in eLearning? Supported!

Traditional learning can be very boring, when it feels like learning for the sake of it. By employing game method as part of your learning strategy you are inserting fun into the learning. This in turn makes the learner more likely to remember what he or she has learned, and less likely to abandon.

EzSLATE understands that gamification can truly enhance the learning experience for students as a complement to traditional instructor-led training.

Badges provide a goal for learners and let them know what can be achieved within the LMS. Instructors can choose their own design and what they want to assign badges to – for example completing a course or an activity. These badges act as a source of pride and motivation for learners.

EzSLATE – What Customers get…


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We have been using EzSlate for a long time now. It’s agile features, intuitive interface and 24/7 help support have empowered our teaching mechanism. It is beneficial for both teachers and students. In unprecedented times like Covid, EzSlate is a revolutionary online learning management system.


Mr. RaghuNandan

President & CEO

Vijaya Education Institutions - Bangalore

EzSlate has bridged the gap between teachers and students during the pandemic. We are using EzSlate LMS at our school and it has made education so simple and efficient. With a user-friendly interface, EzSlate has made education so simple while we are on an online platform.


Mr. Madhusudhan


Unnathi Academy - Mysore

With analytics and learner’s progress readily available on LMS, EzSlate has allowed our organization to fill in the gaps and focus more on student’s progress. The app has facilitated innovative teaching at our organization.


Mrs. Deepika C Murthy


Shree Sharada Vidya Nikethan - Bangalore

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