Blended Learning – New Mantra for the academic year 2021 & moving forward…

In one of his interviews, Union Education Minister Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ says online mode of teaching won’t vanish with the Covid-19 pandemic. The government would prefer a blend of online and offline (Blended Learning), he says.

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So, What is Blended Learning?

COVID-19 pandemic has led to closure of schools for more than 9 months. Extended school closures caused loss of learning and to mitigate the impact of pandemic, Schools quickly adapted to the Digital or Online Learning.

Rightly said technology can give students a voice that enables them to learn more and grow more while they attend their classroom lectures. Many parents, teachers have debated over technology as a bane to a child’s education as it causes distraction, however, a right balance of technology and traditional learning (Blended Learning) can revolutionize the education system. As technology is advancing, teachers can use learning management systems to make students’ learning experience much more fun. Through cloud-based systems, teachers can drive student engagement through activities like assignments, quizzes, chat, online classes and group discussions. It is important to provide students a platform to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. No doubt, technology has eased this process. Technology has enabled students to fuel their imagination and creativity through a number of tools, giving voice to their thoughts.

We have always seen students who are afraid to voice their opinion or views in a classroom however digital technology has given all these students a platform to raise their voice and ensure that their views are heard. There are a number of features in a learning management system such as chats, communities, groups, discussion rooms etc that the teachers can use to give a voice to the less confident students. This not only allows students to voice their opinion but also increases students’ engagement with their peers.

While digital or online learning education cannot replace Face to Face or classroom learning, it has advantages of flexible and personalized learning at the speed of the learner and one can continuously augment and expand content through digital means.

Regardless of the tools that the teachers use to drive student engagement within the classroom, if anyone is missing out on the opportunity to leverage technology to give students a platform to share, VOICE and engage; then they are really missing out on modern blended learning education.

Now the governments are taking bold decision to start the schools and the students are getting back to classrooms after the Covid-19 lockdown. As quoted by Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal in an interview, School Managements are now in a extraordinary situation to make use of both regular face-to-face classes and the Digital or Online Learning during the current academic year and moving forward.

That’s where EzSLATE LMS (Learning Management System) makes an impact in the learning environment. EzSLATE is a Cloud, web-based Learning management system designed based on the principles of social pedagogy. EzSLATE product is used by learners for online, blended, or hybrid learning programs. It is an innovative
combination of best-of-breed teaching and learning tools, built in accessibility adherence, powerful measurement and assessment
options, and standards-based technology, EzSLATE Learning Environment continues to redefine what a learning management system
should be.

EzSLATE can clearly do wonders in (today’s face-to-face teaching and online teaching) blended learning environment. EzSLATE is a learning management system that provides a personal and engaging blended learning experience. EzSLATE focuses on complementing the efforts of teachers to spotlight learning and student development, making students future-ready.

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