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Course Management feature in EzSLATE gives:

Course Builder

  • Powerful set of tools to create and manage engaging online courses for your students and learners.
  • Create simple or multi topic courses with audio, video and text lessons and multiple other different resources.
  • Create paid online courses and sell learning content online.

Course Categorization

  • Organizations and schools have a variety of courses to offer to students and employees.
  • Courses can be logically categorized in one or more course categories.

Advanced Online Course Builder

  • Online Course Builder is a powerful tool to create engaging online courses.
  • Create online courses of with different structures – topic or weekly based online courses or simple online tutorials.
  • Develop rich course content and engage learners by creating effective lessons with beautifully formatted content.
  • Embed course resources like images, audio, video, files and tutorial. Link to different external resources.

Multiple Course Content Creators

  • Courses may be led by more than one instructor.
  • Provision to have multiple course content creators on each of your online courses.

Different Course Formats – Weekly, Structured, Timed

  • Deliver your learning content in the most efficient way.
  • Choose among different course formats that will be most suitable for your course and your students.
  • Build multi-topic courses or courses with time dependent topics.
  • Support for different course types of access.
    • Open access courses are available for all your students.
    • Courses with access restriction are only available to students or groups of students selected in advance.
    • Self-registration and paid courses.
    • Allow students to register and optionally pay for the course before any access is granted.

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