EzSlate is a learning platform designed to provide students, teachers, parents, management & administrators with a Unified, robust, secure and integrated system to create learning environments as required by each stakeholder.







Student Features

Enhance Learning

  • Utilize EzSlate to enhance the learning by reading and practicing more on the platform.
  • Get all the necessary support from EzSlate to understand better.

Everything in One Place

  • Find your entire course in one place.
  • All the subjects have different course page and it is further divided into chapter wise segregation.
  • In chapter the book, assignments, quizzes, glossaries and practice papers are provided.

Flexible Activities

  • Find number of activities to enhance your learning and to make it more interesting. Find different kind of quiz questions, assignments, forums, chat rooms, glossaries, wikis and a lot more activities and resources to help you in studies.

Advanced Learners

  • Use your creative sides to learn and to use them to acquire skills that will help you in future.
  • Add the help, ease of technology into studies, and learn at your speed. Learn independently or in-group to develop a healthy habit of learning.
  • Increase your interest by exploring and accessing the huge verity of materials given by your teachers.

Communication and Collaboration

  • EzSlate connects you with teachers and get you the necessary help whenever you need it.
  • There are various tools available, through which you can communicate with the teachers better, for example like forums and chat rooms.
  • Collaborate with the teachers on your doubts and needs and see the performance improving.


  • Keep practicing until you improve in a particular subject. The objective type quizzes give you an instant result of the quiz. EzSlate help you in self-assessment where you can understand where you need improvement, use the resources, and achieve better results.

Admin Features

Customisable site design and layout

EzSlate is easily configurable with your theme and logo, your colour schemes and much more.

Bulk Course Creation and Easy Backup

Add courses in bulk, backup and restore large courses with ease.

Manage user roles and permissions

Address security concerns by defining roles to specify and manage user access.

External Tool

Teach materials, include assignments from other sites, and connect to the grade-book in EzSlate.

Detailed reporting and logs

View and generate reports on activity and participation at course and site level.

Site wide User Report

The Site Wide User report produces Multiple User Reports from any course. It makes Configuration changes, Course overview, Events list, Security overview, etc., possible.

Teacher Features

Course Builder

  • Collaborate with EzSlate to create effective courses for your subject.
  • Enhance your course for every year or mid-year; the centralized repository makes it possible.
  • All the material you used to stack in hardcopy can be made available in EzSlate that gives you the access anytime you want.

Lesson Planning

  • Add and design exciting content for different kind of student to give them a safe environment to learn.
  • Plan assessments and activities and track it easily with EzSlate.
  • EzSlate gives you the tool for planning everything ahead
  • Manage the syllabus distribution through calendar.
  • You can inform the parents and students ahead of time through EzSlate.

Course Planning and Class Delivery

  • Plan and decide on the content and activities and manage the visibility to the student.
  • You can control what portion of the course will be visible to the student.
  • Make separate content for different performing students and increase the value of the content for poor or excellent performing student by giving them what they exactly need.
  • Make different groups on different kind of students.

Assessment and Reporting

  • Put as many practice paper per subject as it takes. Give the students a verity of practice questions for exam preparation..
  • Give assignments and quizzes of different type of questions.
  • The calendar supports you in evenly distributing the assignments through the month.
  • Set the rules on how many times the student can submit set the time limit; know how much time the student took to finish the quiz.
  • Get reports and analytics on the class growth and involvement of students in the activities and the content; understand which material is popular among the students.
  • Get each students individual reports on how their growth has been.

Curriculum Mapping and Management

  • Keep the prescribed books in the course and add your own style of teaching to increase the value of the content.
  • Add as many open source content to the course as needed. Plan the tasks and content ahead of time and hassle free.
  • Add your years of content repository to the course, access it whenever you want and show, and give it to the student with just by uploading it in EzSlate.

Centralized Content and Question Bank

  • Find everything at one place, segregated by chapters or any other type of the course structure you want to follow.
  • Find everything related to that topic or chapter available in the same place like, content, assignments, quizzes, forums and many more.
  • There is an already available question bank with us. You can increase and contribute by adding the questions for practice and quizzes. Create a quiz by adding questions from question bank whenever going for a quick assignment.

Parent Features

What did you Learn at School Today?

  • The question every parent asks when a student comes back from school. Now you know for your own about your child’s activities.
  • Login to your account in EzSlate and see the activities and other details.

School Announcements in Hand

  • No more checking school website or calling teachers for school announcements, EzSlate for reporting grades & attendance, and homework and class updates. A full-featured EzSlate brings this all together so parents can log-in once and see announcements from the school, class updates and resources for every class, and a single, consolidated calendar showing all school events, class activities, homework and assessments that are coming up for all their children.

Be a Part of Your Child’s Journey

  • You want to know what is happening in the classroom on a daily basis. However, it is difficult to manage work schedules and find time to play an active role in the education process. EzSlate helps teachers involve every parent, regardless of career demands, travel and other complicating factors.

Less Physical Visits

  • Parents no longer have to visit schools to meet with teachers for small issues or enquiries. They can interact through EzSlate’s messaging tool, send messages and even receive updates specific to their children from teachers.

The PTA Cut Short

  • EzSlate makes it easier and faster to communicate with teachers and parents. Online discussion threads, mobile apps and email notifications make it possible for teachers to connect with ever-busy parents.

Monitor Your Kid

  • See what your child is studying in schools and how much time he is spending on the course. Completion of the subjects to be up to date with your child curriculum.

Management Features

Community Engagement

  • Connect your entire school through EzSlate including all the stakeholders like teachers, students, parents and keep them engaged through the system.

Configurable, Intuitive Design

  • You can configure EzSlate with your brand name and domain.
  • The one click simple user interface is very easy to use, with guided spaces like where to add data and what the mandatory fields are.
  • Keep whatever you require and we will configure it for you.


  • Separate Dashboards tailor made with information to allotted subjects, the access to all the teacher and students group participation and profiles.
  • Responsive design across all devices easy to use and see in a mobile device.
  • Single sign-on authentication for all the access to the platform.

Content Management System

  • Make your own content repository with years of data that you have and access everything from one place whenever you want.
  • Create various type of content with EzSlate to improve user engagement. You can use various tools available to make different kind of technology friendly content.

Analytics Reporting

  • Get reports of the user engagement and activities in the classrooms.
  • Get one separate report for a whole section/class showing the participation of the users.
  • Get various kind of other reports to effectively understand how the school is performing.
  • Get access to bird eye level to root level access of the entire system.

Stay Informed

  • See all the course and activity details and user engagement. See the completely central repository of course.
  • See the growth and the curriculum of the class. You can always monitor the activities of the school through your EzSlate login.

General Features

Secure Authentication and Mass Enrolment

  • Authentication and enrolment options can be used to add and enrol users to your EzSlate site and courses.
  • Single-sign-on (SSO), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • System log with user and activity reports.

Collaborative Tools and Activities

  • Work and learn together in forums, wikis, glossaries, database activities, and much more.

Encourage Collaboration

  • Built-in collaborative publishing features foster engagement and encourage content-driven collaboration.

Multimedia Integration

  • EzSlate built-in media support enables you to easily search for and insert video and audio files in your courses.

Direct Learning Paths

  • Design and manage courses to meet various requirements. Classes can be instructor-led, self-paced, blended or entirely online.

Regular Security Updates

  • EzSlate is regularly updated with the latest security patches to help ensure your EzSlate site is secure.