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EzSlate is a combination of


Education institutes are large, active communities. EzSlate provides the tools for the school, staff, students, parents and groups to communicate in one place. Improve the flow of information, foster teamwork and connect people throughout your school.


To work together & bring together with all the stakeholders can be challenging. EzSlate styles it guileless. Now everyone can work together in an interactive environment. Facilitate collaboration inside and outside the classroom.

Learning Methodology

Education institutes or Schools endeavour to continuously improve teaching and learning outcomes. EzSlate provides all-in-one transition to hybrid and blended learning and makes free-form and structured teaching easy.

Get to know more about EzSlate

Simplify teaching and learning by collaborating.

Customization opportunity to make it yours.

Centralized and blended learning

Get digital platforms as classes.

Users can receive notification on activities.

Detailed reporting and logs

Great analysis for your academics through reports


Learning Objectives

Create a experience with blended learning!

EzSlate is a user-friendly LMS with an uncomplicated interface and easy drag-and-drop functionality.

Highly Customisable
EzSlate comes packed with inbuilt child themes and tons of built-in options for customising it.

Free Updates & Support
We provide you not only with a clean and well designed module but also with top notch support.

All-in-one calendar
EzSlatecalendar tool helps you keep track of your academic or company calendar, course deadlines, group meetings, and other personal events.

User Dashboards
Customisable Student and Instructor dashboards are available for users to track their courses and notifications at only one place.

Course Timeline
Beautiful Course timeline is shown to the users when they’re pursuing any course. Course timeline shows the users the units/quizzes which are not completed.


Our unique and innovative end-to-end solution is built from the ground up. That means no cumbersome add-ons and no legacy challenges.  Plus, EzSlate is simple and intuitive to set up, administer, manage and maintain.Our cloud-based platform gives you access to the same speedy and user-friendly experience on your desktop, tablet, and mobile. The responsive design brings the same features and easy to use interface across all devices.